Croc One Log

October, November, December 2006 -
Marine Rescue and Release with the Australian Wildlife Hospital

See ya later Charlie!
See ya later Charlie!

On their return from being at sea this year, Briano and Kate have joined the Rescue Unit at the Australian Wildlife Hospital. Over 5000 animals are being rescued here each year and with the Hospital being located at Australia Zoo, marine animals of the Sunshine Coast are asking for our help too! Kris always has Croc One on stand by for any wildlife emergencies and is ready to take the crew out when they call.

In December, Charlie the Green Sea Turtle was taken out on Croc One for release. After two months of rehabilitation at the Australian Wildlife Hospital, Charlie was finally fit enough to be released back into the wild. He was a 60kg 'floater' who was rescued by Kate and Briano back in October off a local Sunshine Coast beach, not too far from Australia Zoo. He was treated in hospital by our vets, cared for by our nurses then finally tagged and released by Kris, Briano and Kate from Croc One back offshore from his original rescue site. We love this part of our job!